Jeff Landau’s Top Five Tips for Listing Your Home in Thousand Oaks

Expert Advice for Getting the Most Money for Your Thousand Oaks Home

Even in a hot market, sellers can unintentionally lower the value of their home by failing to do a few simple things. In addition to cleaning and decluttering, there are several ways to increase your profits and get your home sold quickly.

Jeff Landau and Team 805 Real Estate are here to help homeowners understand how to get the most money possible for the sale of their Thousand Oaks home. We are experts at getting homes sold above market value. Interested in getting maximum value for your home? Contact us today at (805) 341-0398 to get started.

  1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

The most important thing you can do to sell your home fast and for top dollar is to hire an experienced real estate. When it comes to selling a home, experience matters; you need a licensed realtor that knows the local market and knows how to find buyers.

Hiring a real estate agent will not only ensure that the process goes smoothly but will also help you to get the biggest return on your investment. A real estate agent does more than simply list your home; they are skilled negotiators, fierce advocates, and your partner in success.

  1. Don’t Waste Money on a Remodel

At an initial walkthrough with a real estate agent, they may tell you that you need to make expensive upgrades or repairs to get maximum value for your property. With Team 805 Real Estate, we want you to save your money and let us do the work.

We offer an exclusive premodeling™ service at no out-of-pocket expense. Let our experts complete any needed home improvements, renovations, or restorations, with no upfront costs. With our Premodel™ Services, all costs are paid from escrow AFTER your home is sold.

  1. Market, Market, Market

Marketing is essential. More than ever, buyers are looking online, deciding in seconds whether to see a home in-person. In the hottest markets, some buyers are sending offers without ever having physically stepped foot inside a property. Your agent needs to be at the forefront of technology, using all the bells and whistles that today’s consumer expects when searching for their dream home.

Know Your Target Buyer (And Make Sure They Are Pre-Qualified)

Knowing your target buyer (or hiring a real estate agent that understands your target buyer) can be the difference between selling your home in a matter of days at over asking price and sitting on the market for over a month.

Jeff Landau and his team specialize in finding qualified buyers. They know Thousand Oaks, and they know what Thousand Oaks buyers are looking for and how to sell to them.

Some top reasons people want to buy in Thousand Oaks include:

  • Top-rated school districts;
  • Large homes;
  • Lots of outdoor space;
  • Sense of community (true neighborhood feel); and
  • Commuter-friendly.

5. Don’t Wait

Finally, sellers should not be deterred because it is not the right time of year. You do not need to wait until a specific season to sell your home. With low inventory and high demand, any time of year is the right time to sell.

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