About Team 805

Your 805 Real Estate Experts.

What Sets Us Apart?

Some people say that all real estate agents are alike and produce the same results. At Team 805 Real Estate we have seen first-hand the dramatic impact that “going above and beyond” has had on our clients’ lives and families.

We have shown clients how to attain the home they never thought possible, assisted elderly people to stay in their cherished family home, driven profit for investors beyond their targets, and streamlined the home sales process for probate attorneys in need of meticulous efficiency. Our team has the tools and positive attitude to stand above the market. We will relentlessly use these tools to pursue your real estate goals.

Whether you’re selling a home that you've inherited, upgrading, downsizing, or buying your first home. Team 805 has the experience and knowledge to make the process the best it possibly can be.

Meet our team

Buying and Selling Homes in Ventura County

The Team 805 Experience


We have created a program that helps increase the profit on the sale of your home where we will remodel your home BEFORE you sell with no upfront cost to you. We have the capital to facilitate these improvements for you. It can be anything from paint and carpet, to as much as a full remodel. We typically see increased profits in the 10-20% for sellers with this new service. The process has also been streamlined to sell your home as quickly as possible. Why would you sell any other way?

You Are Our #1 Priority

At Team 805 Real Estate, the experience is just as important as the outcome. Representing our client’s best interests through the home buying and selling process is our core belief. We set high standards to achieve that for our clients, and a high bar for our own performance. Our focus is on achieving the best real estate experience you have ever had. While the process itself can seem daunting and overwhelming, rarely should anything be a surprise.

We use processes and procedures that maximize communication, minimize stress, and create a smooth flow. When you think of the finest hotel you may think of the Four Seasons. For the finest golf you may think Pebble Beach. For the finest real estate experience, think Team 805 Real Estate.

Our Background

An added dimension to our business (that few brokers will ever have) is our lending background. Jeff Landau, our President, has many years of lending experience and knows how to speak the bank’s language. We are experts at qualifying a buyer. As a result of this experience and knowledge, we have never had an escrow cancel because of buyer qualifications. This type of certainty can really help you sleep at night during the process, whether you are buying or selling.

A Team of Specialists

Team 805 Real Estate works with a team mentality because we understand that the team is stronger than any one individual and that specialists can provide more value than generalists. Solo operators try to do everything and be great at everything.

Conversely, our team provides excellent service by making sure that each task is handled by the practitioner most skilled in that specific area. The team concept also frees up your agent so that they are more readily available when you need them. Team 805 Real Estate provides the support and structure so that we can do the ultimate job for you.

Customized Customer Service
We are professional listeners. We put our focus on helping you accomplish your goals, while doing right by you along the way. We customize our communication to meet your needs. You may like updates as often as a possible, or maybe once a week is best. You may prefer to be contacted by phone, email, or simply text. We are equipped to accommodate whatever works best for you. We know that paying attention to the little details counts big.

We Know How to Hustle
Our work ethic and hustle define us. The market moves quickly. Being quick to the task can be the difference between winning and losing a deal! Part of the value that Team 805 Real Estate provides is that we knock on doors every single day.

How does that help you? If you are buying, we may find your next home before it even comes on market, giving you an edge over other buyers. Selling? If we know that your neighbor is preparing their home for sale, we can anticipate how that listing will affect your sale. We define going the extra mile figuratively and literally. Our sharp bodies and minds keep us ahead of our competition in every sense of the word.