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You’ve Inherited A Property

If you’re reading this, you probably suffered the loss of a loved one. Our sincerest condolences.

Now comes the challenge of how to navigate what to do next.

Many of our clients are managing the situation from out of the area or even from out of state. We pride ourselves on communicating clearly and often with you to be sure you feel comfortable with the process.

It goes without saying that Team 805 will help you determine whether it’s advantageous to sell or rent the property, but we go the extra mile and will advise you on the following: 

  • what to do with personal property 
  • what can be donated 
  • how to deal with other heirs 
  • what do the trust documents dictate you do as the trustee 
  • should you put money in the home if you are going to rent it 
  • how will you manage the property if you rent it 
  • how will you find tenants if you rent it 
  • how much rent to charge 
  • if you want to sell, should you put money into the home before you sell 
  • if so, where is that money best spent 
  • what should the budget be 
  • how get the work done, hiring contractors

Your Elderly Parents Have Real Estate Needs

Team 805 has developed a specialty in helping “children” of elderly parents assist their parents when they need to downsize or move to assisted living. Many of the same challenges exist as if you are inheriting a property (see above), especially when you live out of the area or out of state.

Jeff Landau has a personal mission to make this transition easier. Jeff believes strongly in treating your family as more than just a real estate transaction.

Resources for Seniors

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