Your Home

Selling a home that needs work? Team 805 will remodel your home with NO upfront costs. Let our experts help you make more money on your sale.

What is Premodeling?

Ventura County Homeowners are learning about a new trend in the industry and Team 805 Real Estate is leading the way. You have worked hard to build the equity in your home. When it comes time to sell, you owe it to yourself to maximize the profit on the sale. 

When Team 805 becomes your listing Real Estate Agent, we remodel your home for you, with NO UPFRONT COST. All costs are paid from escrow AFTER we sell your home. By “Premodeling” we have helped clients receive 10-20% more from the sale of their home.

A Premodel™ BEFORE the Sale of Your Home Can Include Many Elements

Getting a house prepared to be listed on the market is stressful. In order to get the most money for your property, you want your house to appeal to buyers. This means that you will likely have to declutter, depersonalize, and deep clean. None of these things are appealing to the average person. In addition to those things most realtors would suggest that you:

  • Make any necessary repairs
  • Consider home improvements (particularly to the kitchen and baths)
  • Invest in expensive staging
  • Upgrade inefficient HVAC systems
  • Replace outdated fixtures

All of these things can easily fetch more money for your house, but they can also add up quickly. If you are selling your home, you likely have a laundry list of expenses. With our Premodel ™ services, 100% of the cost is deferred until the close of escrow. The peace of mind may be the best benefit. You will not have to choose the projects, the contractors, the materials or add any additional burden to the next chapter of your life. We put our team behind you to get you what you deserve: The most money out of the equity that you have earned with your years of hard work.