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Find Out More About Real Estate’s Latest Trends and Team 805’s Groundbreaking Premodeling Program From Recent Interviews

Premier Ventura real estate agent Jeff Landau is proud to have been recently featured in several publications, podcasts, and articles. He has provided insight into everything from how buyers should budget to how premodeling is revolutionizing the industry. Below we have compiled just a few of his interviews from around the country.

Jeff Landau and Team 805 Real Estate are committed to finding buyers their dream property and maximizing profits for sellers. Whether you have a house that needs some work and could benefit from Team 805’s premodeling program or are a first-time buyer new to the game, we are here to help. Contact us today at (805) 341-0398 for the first-class real estate experience you deserve.


Top producing real estate agent Jeff Landau provides expert insight on conventional loans for MoneyGeek, a personal finance website dedicated to helping users make smarter financial decisions.

Mr. Landau discusses why buyers should consider conventional loans and some of the myths surrounding conventional mortgage financing. Learn more about why conventional loans are taking the lion’s share of the market at MoneyGeek.


Charlie Katz interviews real estate professional Jeff Landau as a part of his series “5 Things You Need to Know to Create a Successful Business.” Jeff discusses his innovative Premodeling program, how he got started, and how he created a successful business.

His observations can help guide entrepreneurs into what it takes to grow their idea into a thriving business. He talks about his purpose and vision for Team 805 and the driving force behind his success. Read more on Bitbean – CEOs Speak.

California Life

Watch Jeff Landau discuss how premodeling can help get top dollar for the sale of your home with California Life’s Marco Gutierrez. Team 805’s Premodeling program offers sellers a way to renovate their home getting it ready for potential buyers at no upfront costs. Sellers also get the benefit of expert advice and full-service project management.

Since it is a challenging market for buyers, they should consider looking for houses that are priced under what they can afford. Otherwise, they could risk being outbid on a property that they loved. Watch Jeff Landau’s full California Life interview.

Women Who Rock With Success

In this Women Who Rock With Success – Investigates podcast, Jeff Landau is one of the featured panelists offering information on the fundamentals of purchasing a home. Mr. Landau of Team 805 Real Estate discusses the importance of financial budgeting whether you are an investor, renter, or looking to upgrade.

The most important thing for any buyer is to look for the appropriate financing. When deciding how much they can afford, a buyer should consider the principal loan amount, interest, insurance, taxes, and any maintenance for the house.

Throughout the podcast, Jeff and the other panelists discuss a variety of issues, including conventional vs. FHA loans and different strategies for the successful purchase of a property.

Authority Magazine

In this in-depth interview published by Authority Magazine on, Executive Creative Director at Bitbean Software Development Charlie Katz asks Jeff Landau to share the five most important things to succeed in real estate.

Leaning on his over 25 years of experience in the field, Jeff details the importance of using a  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, keeping the right mindset, creating the right processes, having a daily contact goal, and tracking and measuring metrics.

The Neil Haley Show

Host Neil Haley and Jennifer MOG, Mother of Gratitude, interview Jeff Landau about the current and foreseeable trends in the real estate market. Landau talks about how the pandemic forced many people to work from home, forcing them to rethink the space that they need.

Some have decided that they may need a bigger property to accommodate a home office, while others might be looking for more outdoor space. Many people have also considered looking to less expensive areas because they no longer have to commute.

He also talks about the leading-edge premodeling program offered by Team 805 and how it can help prepare people to sell their homes at no out-of-pocket cost. The program helps the seller maximize the value of their home without stress or financial hardship. Listen to the full The Neil Haley Show podcast.

BOSS Magazine

In the New Year New World edition of BOSS Magazine, Jeff Landau and Team 805 are selected for the Best In Class Section. In the article entitled No Place Like Home, Jeff explains the   Premodeling program, the incredible 2020 market, and what to expect in the future.


Jeff Landau was honored to be tapped for Inman’s “Remodeling in 2021? 4 crucial things homeowners need to know.” Inman is considered one of the leaders in the industry for providing critical updates and information about real estate.

In the article, the Team 805 founder talks about the premodeling program and where sellers should focus their attention if they are considering a remodel before putting their property on the market.

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