Expert Guidance for Probate Property Sales in Ventura County and Beyond

The death of a loved one is never easy, and closing out their lifetime of affairs is likely  emotional, challenging, and overwhelming. It’s probably like you have 2 lives to manage. To make matters even more difficult, navigating the probate process is likely difficult, complicated and time consuming..

At Team 805 Real Estate, we are committed to providing expert guidance and advice for individuals who have lost a loved one. The probate process is complex and confusing.

If needed, our team will help you navigate the sale of property subject to probate, always working hard and focused on securing a qualified buyer and get the home sold for the best price possible with the least amount of hassle

Do you have one thing you’d like to delegate right now and take off your plate? If so, we can likely help.

Contact our office at (805) 341-0398 to get more information about the probate process and the many different ways we can help, in addition to the sale of a home if that’s needed. 

Team 805 Probate Services

Probate is the legal process of distributing someone’s assets and personal property if they have passed away and didn’t have a living trust.  There are strict legal requirements when it comes to selling a decedent’s home. By taking advantage of our probate services, we can help streamline the sale of the property, coordinate with the probate attorney, and use our extensive experience to market and sell the home.

At Team 805, we have a Certified Probate Expert (CPE) on staff. We will help ensure that all legal requirements regarding the sale of the property are met, including advertising the sale and getting approval from the court.

Innovative Estate Solutions

When dealing with selling a property subject to probate, there is generally more to consider than with a traditional home sale. In addition to being required to adhere to California probate laws, you may have a property that is in disrepair or a home full of personal belongings.

At Team 805, we handle more than the sale of your property. As part of our estate solutions, we can:

  • Assist in cleaning out the property;
  • Provide resources for an estate sale;
  • Find appraisers that can give an accurate valuation of the decedent’s possessions;
  • Coordinate with charitable organizations to donate goods;
  • Help with renovations and repairs to maximize the value of the property;
  • Give an expert opinion about the fair market value of the property;
  • Establish an effective marketing strategy including professional photography, virtual tours, private showings, and staging;
  • Bring in qualified buyers;
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety associated with a probate sale; and
  • Handle the sale from start to closing quickly and efficiently.

Working with a Certified Probate Expert

One of the benefits of working with Team 805 is that you will get access to a Certified Probate Expert. The legal requirements involved with probate, if not followed, can have serious financial consequences.

We understand that handling a loved one’s estate is never easy. Our team is here to help. We can provide the resources and expertise you need to complete a successful sale. Let our real estate experts be your advocate, providing you guidance when you need it most.

Contact Team 805 for More Information About Estate Solutions

If you have property subject to probate, contact Jeff Landau and Team 805 Real Estate to discuss your options. Our probate sales agents will guide you through the requirements under the California Probate Code.

Contact Team 805 today at (805) 341-0398 to get more information about our estate solutions. We know how difficult this time can be; let us provide you with the compassionate, professional service you deserve.